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Rob Fogarty

East End Gaming is a family owned and operated business.  Owner, Rob Fogarty, has always had a love for video games. His passion started as a young child when his grandmother bought him an Atari for Christmas. As he grew up, he played video games with his friends and spent endless hours trying to beat the games.  After having kids of his own, he decided he wanted to share his love for video games with them.  He started by introducing them to NES.  Playing the games brought him back to his childhood and his collecting began.  Rob wanted to collect every game so the craze of going out to garage sales began.  Rob and his family spent many weekends going from garage sale to garage sale trying to find another game for the collection.  Rob was buying everything he found and his collection grew and grew.  Rob had a conversation with his wife about his dream to open a video game store.  A place where collectors, children, families and gamers could shop.  He wanted it to be a place that could bring adults back to their childhood and where any gamer would want to shop.  His dream came true in January of 2017. Rob found a storefront in the quaint little town on the East End of Long Island.  He opened the store on Main Street in Eastport and could not believe how the community welcomed him. People came from near and far to see the family owned game store, East End Gaming.  The support from the gaming community allowed Rob to open a second location in Oakdale in June of 2018. East End Gaming in Oakdale is on Sunrise Highway and the size of the store allows Rob to cater to all gaming needs.  You can find consoles from Atari to PS4/Xbox One and Switch, games, controllers, plush, and more.  Well, it did not end there,  in November 2018 walls were knocked down and the Oakdale location doubled in size.  The expansion allowed for a dedicated space for playing cards.  You can find cards of all kinds and accessories as well.  The Oakdale location is a place for people to come hang out, play arcades and video games, purchase games and consoles, play cards and meet amazing people.  Rob Fogarty could not be happier with his choice to open a video game store. He loves spending his time talking with the costumers and meeting new people!  




Team Member 


Hey everyone! My names Jacob and I'm the manager over at East End Gaming. I have a love for everything video games. Gamecube, Super Nintendo and Playstation 4 are my favorite consoles. My favorite game of all time is The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask. Ive been collecting video games since 2016. My favorite type of games are 2d platformers and horror games. Other than video games, I collect VHS love watching movies. Come stop by and we can talk everything video games!




Hey guys! I love retro video games, toys and action figures. I collect any toys or action figures from the 80's and 90's and I love the Sega Genesis. My favorite game is Contra and my favorite Pokemon is Machamp. I refuse to play Zelda and own a godzilla. I also have a crush on Taylor Swift!



Team Member 

Hey guys! Although I don't play many retro games I love playing the switch. My favorite game on the switch is either Animal Crossing or Dragon Quest Builders. I also grew up playing arcade games and pinballs! I love listening to all types of music as well. 

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